"My manuscript was finished, but I still needed someone to get me over the finish line. Richard Mahler was that person. He helped me format my computer files properly for publication and gave me useful feedback on typography, design, and layout. Richard's insider knowledge and software skills can transform your dream of a fine-looking published book into a reality."

—Jerry Boswell, author of Smeltertown Shenanigans (2014)

     “Richard possesses a rare combination of skills to guide an author through the sometimes overwhelming process of metamorphosis from a manuscript into a published work. He can look at the big picture to develop a captivating overall design for the work and then immediately delve into the minutiae of font size, number of spaces, and legal permissions. In addition, from his own perspective as an author, Richard is both creative and generous with fresh ideas to contribute to another author’s project and is not shy about jumping in to offer help with tasks outside the usual 'publisher' role. All of the above, served with a large helping of patience, makes Richard’s contribution invaluable in bringing a written work to the light of day. Simply put, our humble document could not have become the charming yet professional publication it is without Richard’s remarkable talent and touch."

—Jan Sherman, Charlie McKee, and Jeff Ray; Collaborators of Hypnotizing Chickens and Other Stories: My Memories of Mogollon (2016)




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