Samples of Relham-produced websites for authors and artists may be viewed at: - for artist Judy Wuthrich - for body worker Pamela Morgan - for author Esther Melvin - for photojournalist Richard Mahler

    “Being a successful author, Richard Mahler knows what readers like. Richard’s editing services are fast, skillful, creative and insightful without interfering with the author’s intent. He has dealt with major publishing houses and knows how to transform words on the page to books on the market. From artistic cover designs to multiple formatting for various e-platforms. Richard’s eye for detail and technical skills are state-of-the-art. He will get your book to the reading public as quickly and painlessly as possible. Richard employs innovative financing arrangements working with you to bring your works to the public at lowest initial cost in money and time. I happily recommend him most highly and without reservations.”

        — David L. Hammes, author of Harvesting Gold: Thomas Edison's Experiment to Re-invent American Money (2012)

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