Jan Sherman's memoir is now on sale...


   New Mexico-based Peckin' Order Press has published Hypnotizing Chickens and Other Stories: My Memories of Mogollon, a book edited and designed by Relham during 2016.


   At age 94, with the help of collaborator Charlie McKee, Jan Sherman compiled a fun and fascinating collection of stories from her remarkable childhood in the tiny mountain mining community of Mogollon, New Mexico. A virtual ghost town since 1942, Mogollon was an unusual place to grow up, inasmuch as it had few children, was surrounded by forested wilderness, and lacked such modern amusements as radio, movies, and telephones. Hypnotizing chickens was, indeed, a childhood pastime.


   Order a copy ($15 for the paperback) and read an excerpt here.

     "Richard Mahler has a rare gift for both the detail work of editorial fine-tuning as well as the insight that allows him a clarity and overall perspective on a manuscript. He quickly intuits what an author is trying to convey and helps him or her to craft a piece of work that shines. Even after working with a writing group for years, I was able to improve my manuscripts immensely thanks to his acute observations of characters, plot points, and overall themes. Being a seasoned writer of both fiction and non-fiction narratives himself, Richard was able to help me rewrite novels in ways that I had not foreseen. I value his opinions and skills immensely."

          —Terry Repak, author of Waiting on Washington (1995) and the forthcoming Zanzibari Idyll. Her mostly non-fiction articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines.

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